Why oh why…

Why oh why is trying to eat right so hard somedays??? I have the exercise thing down (well, most days!!!)

Yesterday, er… the last 4 days (since I’ll be honest with y’all), have been a little “off plan”. I don’t have any reason for them to be except that it just happened. I got out of control. After stepping on the scale on Sunday (still below my WW goal – thank goodness!), I just lost it. It’s like I forgot how all of this worked. I guess I should say, thank you boys here at the office for taking in all of the candy in the world – among other goodies – to tempt a person that has no self-control at the moment.

I walked into my meeting last night and was inspired. Inspired to keep going and resume my goal of 10 pounds off in the next 9 months. I know it’s totally do-able… and I know that I can do it. I just have to set my heart on it… and maybe find an accountability buddy here as well (interested applicants for buddy system simply need to comment below!)

So here I am, tracking again… working out everyday — not only my cardio workouts, but starting my strength training again as well (because I’ve kinda slacked off in it!) In the last few months, I’ve gained so much — muscle-wise (not fat wise though!) — and don’t want to lose it!! The more muscle you have the more calories you burn throughout the day! I want to be a calorie burning machine!!

Here I go with my plan… do you have a plan???