Have you ever had a food that you seem to get hung up on and eat every single day? I have had this with various food items throughout my weight loss process… and even now I am experiencing it again!

As I write this, I am enjoying a bowl of Cheerios!

Seriously. I have been more-or-less addicted to them for about two weeks now… and at some point soon I’m sure this obsession will end.

It all started about 3 weeks ago when a producer (and crew) for the Rachael Ray show came out to my house to tape for the segment. During this they had me eat the Cheerios, make a (very yucky looking) scrambled egg, workout at my healthclub , driving through at a local restaurants and eating a cooking at a local bakery (Yeah, not so “on-point” for Weight Watchers that day.) Why eat Cheerios you ask? Well, it’s because I had virtually NO food in my house since I had *just* returned from the mission trip to the Dominican Republic.

So there you have it… the reason behind this crazy thing I’ve been doing. Why crazy? Because I don’t just eat them for breakfast… it’s been a varying meal for me — and as of more recent days, more than likely a dinner meal. And yes, I know it’s really just a wierd thing, and I’m sure that soon enough I’ll be back to eating my pasta or hamburgs, but right now I’m happy enough with my Cheerios and banana.

Are you obsessed with a particular food right now???