Think without boundaries…

So one of my *lovely* coworkers (said in the most sarcastic tone) brought in Dove chocolate squares after Halloween. And while I *SHOULD* have been a strong enough person to avoid eating them… I was not.

Well, inside these lovely delights of goodness are sayings… some are silly, some are uplifting and some well, some just make you think. Or at least made me think.

I’ve been looking at this phrase for a little bit now. Pondering it. Considering what it means to me. Looking deeper withing myself about it.

“Think without boundaries”

It’s really given me a new perspective on thinking about a lot of things. Where do I want my life to go? Am I doing what I am meant to do? Am I living where I am meant to live? (And with snow on the way here soon, I almost beg to differ that I should be living in Florida very, very soon!)

Along with these thoughts, are other things that I have been learning in the Beth Moore bible study I’ve been doing. In the last couple of sessions I’ve tried to leave behind the fear of what may — or may not — happen in my life and along with that wait on the Lord, and being in His Word during such a time as this!

In the past, especially with my weight loss – I think I encompassed what this meant. While I never really considered anything boundaries… there were definitely bumps in the road, boundaries to overcome. And I did it. I pushed past what I thought I could do and accomplished something great — and then (beyond any expectation on my part) was acknowledged for this achievement on a national television program. How amazing is that… and who would have expected those boundaries to be crossed like that?

For me, this saying “Think without Boundaries” now means that I need to expand what I think I am capable in my life… and know that “I can do everything through Christ, who gives me strength. ” It means that I cannot sell myself short on my abilities and I must start thinking outside the box… whether it be for work, church, friends, and maybe even blogging.

So I leave you with my thought of the day, what does “Think without boundaries” mean to you? How will you apply it to your life?