Christmas Lists…

Each year my family shares Christmas list ideas… and this year, well – until last weekend, I was struggling to come up with things that my family could get me. Then I went wine tasting.

Let me tell you, I had so much fun at the wine tasting events that I want to go again. I even bought a couple bottles of wine – which surprised the heck out of my family. Good thing I say. I like to keep them on their toes.

So now – somehow – my Christmas list has revolved around the kitchen… a place I don’t like spending much time — but I found things that would be fun to share in with friends and to have for myself. Like a wine rack… or a fondue pot… or even a crock pot to make some extra meals for myself. I’m even asking for a Rachael Ray cookbook! Look at me go!

There you have it… I am starting to get into a holiday spirit.

I, however, am NOT in the mood for Christmas music yet… but that’s a whole other blog topic.