Weekend plans…

I’m trying to decide what to do during the day tomorrow. I had plans to go to IKEA for the day — but unfortunately the plans changed — and now I am wondering what I shall do, oh what shall I do… hmmm….

Shall I…
…go see the movie “Amelia“???
…work on the new design layout of my blog???
…refine my financial (and travel) goals for 2010???
…clean/reorganize my house???
…make tons of healthy weight watcher’s food?? <--- This would also require an extensive trip to the grocery store.
…be creative and start my Christmas cards???
…sleep the day away???

Let me tell you — I have my preferences for what is going to happen, but I have a feeling “sleep the day away” will not happen, but I’m leaning toward working on revising the design and feel of the blog. I started teaching myself the HTML code recently (although this might be a short lived venture) and if I can start customizing some things on here, I think it would be fantastic!

If anything exciting happens, I’ll let y’all know about the weekend. I have a feeling it will be a good — but quiet (which is TOTALLY ok) weekend for me.