Happy Thanksgiving…

Happy Thanksgiving to all (at least those of us in the US!!)

I hope that each of you is enjoying a day filled with laughter & love, possibly gathering with family or friends… but most of all, just remembering how blessed you truly are in the midst of everything that is going on in the world around you.

Today I will be gathering with my family at my grandma’s house. It’s sort of a tradition for us now to all gather there for a family meal at lunch… and then come back at night to play some games with those in the family that we didn’t see earlier in the day. It’s really a lot of fun… especially the “Apples to Apples” game each year.

But with the gatherings also comes lots of food temptations for me. Although I’ve been a picky eater in years past (and still have issues convincing myself of eating certain things), I’m much more likely now to try new things… and over-indulge in favorites. Favorites like bread/rolls (I know I shouldn’t eat carbs!!), homemade applesauce (especially if my brother made it), and grandma’s potatos. Oh yeah, and the desserts. Mmmmm….

The key really is to planning… and Weight Watchers really tries to prepare you for that. But I guess one word of advice is to not beat yourself up if you go off plan. Pick yourself back up, shake off the dirt from the day and continue on to your goal. Everyone encounters these hiccups, but think of how much better off you are going to be when you look at yourself in the mirror next week and know how well you did today… or that you dusted yourself off and got back to counting.

It’s sometimes not as bad as you think… and those WW weekly points are like a gift from God sometimes!!

Blessings to you as you celebrate this day!