Random thoughts on Thursday…

I am having a random thought day, er… week. RANDOM being the key word here. I decided rather than trying to update in multiple blog posts over a number of days — just to take care of everything at once. I hope you can appreciate that.

First… I’m really ok. A couple of you sent notes/e-mails about my prayer request. Without saying too much, God is showing me what needs to be done and that I’m acting it out properly. In due time, I’ll be able to share more. But thank you for your prayers… and if you don’t mind, keep them coming. I want to hear God LOUD and CLEAR on His direction with all of this.

I’ve also been taking some time for me and realized that I’m not going to act on the crush at least until the holidays are over. It’s a stressful time of the year already and starting to date (or even get the guts up to talk to a person about dating) during this time of the year only adds to that. So I guess you could say that I’m officially “taking a break” from even searching for “Mr. Right”. (And it’s now that so many of you can chime in together saying “You’ll meet him now…” To which I have to say… if that’s what God’s plan is, who am I to fight with it.)

This morning I have my weigh in (shortly after posting this I will be there) and I’m not sure what to expect. I scale hop WAY TOO MUCH and have been right on the border of being within my 2 pound range so I’m a little nervous about that. Will post more about that tomorrow. Hopefully with good news that I am clear for the month — and that I will be getting another WW Lifetime key at my meeting.

In other weight related news… after watching the “Biggest Loser: Where are they Now” episode, I’ve been thinking (and doing -probably- too much of it) about the celebrity part that surrounds my weight loss now. There’s a blog about it all in the works…

And finally, on a truly random note… Meijer came out with a new ad layout this week and I love it. Now I don’t have to be walking the aisles of the store with the huge ad laid out over the entire cart. (For those that aren’t from the midwest US… Meijer is a store very similar to Walmart. But we do also have Walmart here… although I would much rather shop at Meijer. It’s all about shopping local for me.)

So that’s it for the Thursday thoughts. Now you know a little more of the updates on me… so what’s been happening with you???