Esther Bible Study…

This week I finished the Beth Moore Bible Study “Esther” with my church. It has been an incredible study… one that I knew would be powerful – but still had no idea on where all of this would lead. I’m still in awe of how God has used this study to show me where and how He wants me to live for him… and that I need to wait upon his perfect timing for all of this.

Some of the wise words I’ve learned from this series are from the video sessions. A few of the phrases I wrote down that still stick with me are (and I am most likely paraphrasing from the video)… We will never fulfill our God ordained destiny if we are ‘straddling the fence.”…”We will lose our strength when we wait upon the event/time/thing. We will gain our strength when we wait upon the LORD.”…”You get to decide how good your story is going to be. You may be one brave decision from and important step in your destiny.”…”God’s patience always involves His passion. Anytime we are waiting for something we are also longing for it. And God longs with us too. Isaiah 30:18.”

I can not stress enough… if you have the opportunity to do this study – take advantage of it. Invest the time into it… or into any Bible Study really. I have been blessed by so much in the past year not only through the 2 Beth Moore studies that I’ve done, but also through the Jennifer Rothschild study I did this summer.

So because this study is coming to a close… I have to decide what’s next to finish out December. I might just work on finishing a couple of books I’ve started — “Captivating” by John & Stasi Eldredge and “Breaking Free” by Beth Moore.

Looks like in January I’ll be leading (or co-leading) another Beth Moore Study “Daniel” with my church. I’m really excited that this might be happening. It’s not final yet… but I have a feeling it will be soon.

Have you enjoyed a particular Bible Study? If so… which one?