Jillian’s workout…

Double post day again… but trust me it’s worth it. You probably didn’t want to see the snowy weather anyway. At least not those of you who live in the the north country (for those that don’t know, anywhere that gets snow on a regular basis… I have deemed “north country”.)

Typically on Thursday nights I hang with my dad, brother & the other bowling teams in the metropolis of Zeeland. (Hmmm, sarcasm?) However, since Blizzard ’09 was raging all around us, I skipped in light of my sanity… and so I didn’t inadvertantly drive myself off a road somewhere.

Well… As I was sitting here on my futon (because I don’t own a sofa… something that MUST change in 2010) I was looking around on Twitter (you can find me here) and playing on Facebook. Doing a big NOTHING essentially. So I thought… maybe I should do something productive – a workout perhaps??

So I put on my Twitter status that I was thinking about doing Jillian Michaels’ “30 day Shred”. Well, no sooner than I had reloaded my page… I got challenged by a Twitter friend – the lovely Cristina – to follow through on said thoughts. She was going to do it too. New workout buddy system found in Twitter… who would have thought.

Well, I think I had forgotten how tough JM’s workout’s were on this DVD… because my legs were seriously in pain by round 2 (the worst of the 3). Although my arms didn’t get as good of a workout because I didn’t have heavy enough hand weights for what I am used to. Overall, it really is a good workout. I also have to admit that I probably didn’t try my hardest… I’m used to a trainer yelling at me when he’s sees me not doing my best. Because he does know what my best looks like. But still a good workout since I was not about to drive myself out in Blizzard ’09 that was raging outside.

This week weight loss wise hasn’t been good. I’ve fallen into every temptation possible and given in at every chance I got. I’m starting over today… tracking, workout, everything. Because I have to start somewhere — and by golly — I’ve got to look good (!!!) for my trip to Albuquerque in less than 3 weeks! (YAY!) Not to mention that I want to get another lifetime key from Weight Watcher’s in 2010… I will be getting one for 2009 (just wait for next week’s blogs, it’ll be here!)

So to sum things up… even though I’ve given in to what seems like everything possible, I’m trying to right it all and get back into a pattern that I *was* used to about 3 months ago. You know those days right before I went on the mission trip and then was on the Rachael Ray show? Yeah, the days where I was working out every morning at 6am… and eating right.

That’s what I have to get back to.

But the holidays are sure a hard time to do that.