…I am not the perfect weight watcher. A look at the scale this morning tells me that. In fact, it was a number on the verge of me crying. This number should have pushed me into pulling out my Weight Watcher’s materials a few days prior to the new year, but instead I found myself at the Wendy’s drive thru for lunch.

In 2010… I will exercise at least 5 days a week for 60 minutes each day. I will track as best I can (I know it will not be perfect) and fulfill as many of the Weight Watchers healthy guidelines as possible. I will commit to attend the “Awesome Abs” class at my gym at least once per week to gain strength in that area (as my abs are still pretty weak.) I am also going to take on a challenge for 30 days following my return from vacation on January 5… I will not eat at a fast food restaurant during this time. I will plan my meals and stick to eating them to get myself back into plan.

…I have much higher aspirations for my writing than I follow through with. At the beginning of the weekend, I wanted to write the next part of this story – with more of a focus on the elderly woman and her part in the story. But as with lots of aspirations that I had this weekend, this one did not come to fruition either.

In 2010… I will set aside time once per week dedicated to writing off the blog. I will continue to develop both my fiction stories as well as my own personal weight loss story. When I feel comfortable with what I am writing (or have written), I will publish it on the blog.

…I don’t have a clean house. Again. Or maybe I should say still. My kitchen is somewhat clean (although I should get out my handy-dandy mop thingy to clean the floors.) My living room looks like a recycling center threw up in it. It’s so bad that I’m keeping my blinds closed for fear my neighbors might be able to see in as they drive past. My laundry (I think) is still sitting in the dryer and needs to be folded. Not to mention that I don’t remember the last time I vacuumed well. Oh yeah, and there’s trash duty too.

In 2010… I am going to clean up the little things as I go. I will organize room by room to make sure that nothing is missed. This week yet, I will take down my Christmas tree and re-organize the living room a little. When I return from vacation, I will make up the guest bed (just to make it look a little more “appealing” in that room, instead of “storage like”) and then vacuum the whole house — moving furniture and everything!

…I have credit card debt. This one is really hard for me to admit because of what I do for a living, but it is common among many so I wanted to put it out there. I did it to myself through a couple of trips in 2008 and 2009 and to pay for some things that I would have not normally had to pay for if the economy didn’t have such a tumble.

In 2010… I will pay off this credit card debt and will celebrate it here on my blog. It will be lots of little steps, but I think it is manageable as long as I follow a budget that I am working to set up. I’m hoping that with the economy and stock markets back to higher levels and showing strength that some of my benefits will be returned to make this a little less stressful on me.

…I want to learn more about web design and html code. I tried earlier this year, but failed miserably at it. If I can learn this stuff, I can make my blog a bit more “fun” and creative – a true reflection of me.

In 2010… I will read a couple of books on HTML and try my best to learn it. I will also try my hand at WordPress once again and try to find a way to make their templates work with what I want.

…I haven’t ever gone to a movie by myself. I think it’s the fear of being judged. I think it’s a fear of always being by myself, of feeling alone. I should have done that earlier this year when I went to Julie & Julia — or I should say essentially I did as the person I went with slept through the whole movie. I haven’t seen or done anything with her since. Not sure if that’s a coincidence or not.

In 2010… I will find a movie that I want to go to — and I will go to it by myself. And not be ashamed that I am there alone.

…I want to take a road trip to nowhere. Maybe even stay overnight or something. How fun would that be to just take off for a weekend without any plans to do anything except just hit the open road.

In 2010… I will take a road trip to nowhere, on a budget of course. I really should see another new state or two to mark off my lifelist.