So I’m stealing this idea from another blogger… but I took a *serious* blogcation. I didn’t know that it was going to happen — but that’s what a real vacation does to you. Anyway, I’m back. I had a great time while I was away, but I’ve been back for long enough (1.5 days now) that I should have already had a blog in the works. I’ll blame the business of returning from vacation. Yeah. Right.

I’m still working on going through my photo highlights from the trip to Albuquerque — hoping that early next week I’ll have them ready to post here for you all to enjoy!

As for other updates on me…

…I had my {horrible} post-holiday, post-vacation weigh in this morning. I know what I’ve done and what I need to do to get back on track. As I learned in my WW meeting (and from the new handy-dandy materials that they are handing out each week) tracking is key. Getting in the good health guidelines is key. That is my goal for the next week. Tracking and Good health guidelines.

…I haven’t had a good work out in more than a week now. I intended on getting up this morning at 5am to do a small run and either get some strength training in or more cardio, but I choose to sleep. Starting tomorrow morning this changes. I will be doing the GroupKick class at my gym & possibly even trying to get in a 1.5 mile run before if I can get my sorry self out of bed early enough.

…I am {officially} signing up tomorrow night for the Riverbank 25k that is held on May 8. I think the most I’ve ever run is about 4-4.5 miles, so this will be a big step up for me. I’m determined to follow the training program that they have set up (and possibly participate in the “Gazoom” training in Holland for additional support.) I have a goal of finishing in under 3 hours… so that’s what I’m ultimately going to work toward during this.

I’m sure there’s more to update about, but my brain is in overdrive prepping for the work projects that need to be done (and which is preventing me from blog hopping as I would like on my lunch hour today.) Hopefully I will be able to catch up a little, get things back in order before the craziness of my year starts taking over once again.