Back to day 1…

Ok… I said I had a gain yesterday right? Yeah, well… last night it hit me. I shouldn’t have gains like this. For goodness sakes I’m on freaking maintenance with Weight Watchers. I should know that I need to track through the holidays. That should really be my goal for next year.

Well, with that lesson (and horrible feelings) behind me, I spent part of the day yesterday going back to WW 101. Yes, it was very similiar to going back to school… re-learning everything that I seemed to have known.

Like Tracking.

Seriously, I should be a pro at tracking. After all, I’ve been a member of this program for more than 4 years straight now (really, 4 YEARS?!?!) and I have a number of {empty} journals scattered about the house.

I also know that I need to workout in order to lose weight. I had intended to get up yesterday morning before my {craptastic} weigh in so that I could get a run in. And all I did was go back to sleep. Smart. The only good thing about yesterday is that I stuck to my (revised) plan and only went 2 points over for the day. 24 point day to start back with. Not bad.

Here I am. Friday morning. I have 1 day of tracking behind me (including the fabulousness of having to change things up because we had lunch brought in — and I *did* choose a healthy option!) I did get up this morning and made my way {slowly} to the gym. If it weren’t for this GroupKick class — or possibly now the fact that I *must* run to train for the 25k — I wouldn’t have taken the chance. No way.

So now I have a goal – something to work toward until May 8… and then need to keep it going until July 16 so I can look fabulous (however, a little less than the bride) for my brother’s wedding. It also gives me a bigger thing to work toward this year — like the Breast Cancer 3-day did for me in 2008, and the mission trip to the Dominican Republic did for me in 2009.

Now I just need to keep this motivation going each day.

And then my next question should be… where did this motivation go after I had achieved my goal?

I’m guessing this is another blog for another time.