Just a quick update on my weekend. I exercised. I tracked what I ate. No really, I tracked EVERYTHING I ate. I’m astounded by this. Why? Because I’ve stepped on my scale this morning and am -thisclose- to being back within my goal range. It might not happen this week (although I still have til Thursday and you just never know what kind of tricks I might pull out of my proverbial hat. You never know… I could just be an amazing wonder here. (Yeah, right.)

This weekend I also started thinking about why it is that I can’t seem to get past the next “step” in my weight loss. I had reached my lowest weight ever on my 32nd Birthday in October (and might I add… what a nice birthday gift that was!)

After much thought about why I can’t seem to get to my personal goal, I’ve come to these conclusions….
~ I’ve not accepted myself as I am now.
~ I’m scared to be thin and what that entails… because I don’t know “how” to be thin.
~ I need to find the confidence that I hid when I was overweight so that I can complete this transformation that has taken place. (I’ve recovered some of it… but there’s still a part of me that’s hiding I think…ummm… I know.)

I know there’s probably a lot more to it. I know I’ve blogged about some of this before… so I apologize if I say the same things and haven’t learned anything new as of yet.