I must apologize for acting, stinking, treating you this way…

I rarely get political on here. I rarely say anything about world events. I won’t say never… but it is rare.

But then yesterday afternoon’s tragedy struck in Haiti. An earthquake with a 7.0 magnitude. Devastating. My heart breaks for the people, especially since I was just to that island in October (for my Dominican Republic Mission Trip.) I helped and was blessed by people that were of Haitian decent, living and working in the DR trying to make the best of their lives. Some of the people have never been to their native country…

…and now the country is broken, torn apart by a horrible earthquake that possibly has left thousands upon thousands of people dead. People that could have been – albeit distantly – related to some of the people I met a few short months ago.

And then while looking at different websites today that covered the story, I saw this story — or actually video — of Pat Robertson saying that Haiti is not a prosperous nation and a nation suffering because they “sold themselves to the devil” years ago.

I’m not sure where he gets this information… but as a Christian I am horrified that at a time of crisis — less than 24 hours since this event occurred –that he makes these statements. Not that I would ever agree with anyone making these statements EVER. This country is largely a Christian country… mainly Roman Catholic… so his statement makes me even more angry because it simply cannot be true. Our God is a loving God, and while horrible events happen like this at times, the heart of God breaks each and every time one of his children is suffering.

I’m not sure if Mr. Robertson is saying that the devil has control of this country — because that is simply not true. God is in control. And God loves His people — all of His people.

We as Christians are supposed to love our neighbors — and if I could drop everything right now (and I wish I could), I would go be a part of a team that could help restore Port-au-Prince to a bigger and better city than what it was before yesterday’s earthquake. In the meantime, the best that we as Christians can do at this time is pray for the country, for the survivors and for everyone in Haiti, and around the world, that lost people they loved in the past day. The other thing everyone can do is to go to Worldvision or Compassion and donate what you are able to help the relief efforts — as well as help the country rebuild in the coming months and years.

And as far as I’m concerned Pat Robertson can say “I must apologize for acting, stinking, treating you this way.”

*today’s lyric title is from Gwen Stafani’s “Sweet Escape.”