I’m my own worst enemy…

I woke up this morning feeling renewed in my day. Feeling energized after rolling out of bed despite the 4:55am alarm (well, including a couple of “snooze” sessions.) I was ready to tackle this day and stay on plan today. Last night before going to bed, I wrote out {almost} everything I was planning to eat today. I had everything packed and ready to go. I was prepared.

After all, yesterday I wasn’t prepared. I didn’t plan. I had no self control. The day before I almost stayed on plan (the only thing that kept me 1/2 way decent was knowing that my weigh in was the next day. And truth be told, the only good thing about Monday and Tuesday was that I halfheartedly tried to track.

All in all, while I lost 3 pounds at my weigh-in yesterday morning (YAY!), it was not truly a victory for me as I really had not done and followed the Weight Watcher’s plan to the fullest extent of what I would like. My goal is to change that this week. I would like to get my GHG’s in each day going forward (as it didn’t happen yesterday) — and to be able to stay within my point target for the day that I have set. But I’m also trying not to sacrifice some of my favorite things to eat. You see, that’s the part I’m failing on.

So back to this morning. At 4:55am I was rolling out of bed and by 5:10 (ok, maybe closer to 5:15) I was on my way to the health club for some much needed cardio. After all I haven’t had any workout since Tuesday. I got to class and it was looking like a typical day for us… and then a group of high school kids walked in. Our class that is “normally” (for 5:30am) about 5-6 people big… all of a sudden was at 21!! AWESOME!!! The energy in the room really changes when there are more people there. Class was great — the kids did amazing for their first time (and it being 5:30am) and I left there feeling like I could conquer the world. Ok, maybe not quite conquer the world… but definitely conquer my day.

According to the plan I have set – I’m having my Weight Watcher’s smoothie for breakfast with my 2tsp of EVOO (according to my favorite gal pal Rachael Ray) to fulfill the dairy and oil requirements of the day. Done. Good start for me…

…and this is where I become my own worst enemy. (See how well the lyric title plays into this today?!?) I got to work with a plan. But shortly after I walk in the door, I learn that my boss has graciously brought in cinnamon rolls. A BAKERY CINNAMON ROLL PEOPLE. My favorite breakfast food.

I resisted. I didn’t say no, but I put it in my head that I just couldn’t have it. I just wanted to stay on track today. But then I walked past them. And then I walked past again when I was hungry. I *should* have walked back to my desk to have the banana I brought. But I didn’t.

I *CHOSE* to have part of a cinnamon roll. At least I chose only part of it — and not the whole thing. But I’m feeling guilty and wondering why lately I am still not able to resist temptations. Earlier this week it was potato chips. Now cinnamon rolls. What’s next???

Knowing that I can have anything in moderation helps, but it still doesn’t make me feel any better about abandoning my plan for the day… just because food was brought into the office.

Now I feel blah. Not terrible… not hungry or stuffed… just blah.

I’m going to eat my banana now, just to make me feel like I’m doing SOMETHING right.

*today’s lyric title: P!nk – “Don’t Let Me Get Me”