When they said you was high classed…

Ok… I am a total blog slacker. I know. You don’t have to remind me.


When I wrote this blog last week, I thought it wouldn’t be a problem to get back “on track” with my blogging, that it wouldn’t be a problem to “find time” somewhere in my schedule to really connect with my bloggy friends again.

Then the weekend came. Friday night I was ok — went over to my brother’s house to hang out with my new nephew (pictures are on the way… I swear!) and help them get settled and get things put away (or at least all the gifts off their kitchen table.) I’m proud to say that I had trash duty.

And then there was Saturday and Sunday. Saturday started out well enough. Got to the gym by 8am and ran for almost an hour straight. 4-5 miles total. Just not all consecutive. If I’m going to do this 25k run, I need to do much more consecutive miles. As I was leaving the gym, my car wouldn’t start. Wasn’t anything super-serious… just REALLY annoying… and it only cost about $4 to fix. The remainder of Saturday was a lot of trying to keep myself motivated in general. I started to not feel so great – which was compounded by the fact that I wasn’t going to go shopping any longer either. BUMMER!

On Sunday I just started to feel YUCK. Not sick – but more tired because I have had dull pain in my jaw area since travelling earlier this month. I just didn’t want to do anything that day except lay around and sleep — not like me at all.

Monday, Tuesday and the first part of Wednesday were pretty much a repeat of Sunday — except for the fact that I went to work and got some things done there. (While I was there, I can’t say how productive I truly was.) However Wednesday at lunch, I went to my doctor’s office and found out that I have TMJ. Essentially it means that the disc joint for my jaw is inflamed. According to the paperwork given to me by the nurse, one of the main causes of this is stress.

Yeah, like I don’t have any of that going on in my life. Riiiiiight.

So after going to the doctor – and getting a deep tissue massage on Thursday night – I finally feel a little bit like I have a grasp on things again. I still have some pain… but it’s definitely in the manageable stage — and seems to definitely be on the mend.

And while I haven’t been writing on my blog here, I’ve been dreaming about starting my own Project 365 much like Design Girl. I’ve also been living vicariously through Mich and Daisy — who both have had some of their own adventures recently. I’ve also been reading an amazing book with the Bloom Book Club called “Same Kind of Different as Me.” AMAZING READ – Highly recommend it!!! Finally, I found out that Beth Moore’s new book “So Long Insecurity” is coming out on Tuesday and her blog will be holding a discussion group.

So while I may have not been high classed in my approach to blogging by promising things that I shouldn’t have, I am working toward making things right and making myself better. Because of who I am and what I want out of life… I need to write more. I need to set up some guidelines for myself so that I can get back to living the way that *I* want to live. I need to relax and not look at a computer for a while. And I need to spend some time with a little boy named Isaac.

*today’s lyric title: Elvis Presley – “Hound Dog”