Sometimes you feel like a nut…

I know today’s blog lyric title is not from a song… or at least a true song that I can find. But it’s from a commercial. The only thing is I can’t remember what candy bar (or bars?) the commercial was promoting. Anyway… last night I felt like a nut — and thus the blog title was born.

Let me back up a little. Since this blog was born to share my weight loss story and my life, I have done this a number of times. I have spoken a few times about this journey, but mostly to smaller groups like my Weight Watcher’s meeting or a church group. The only “large scale group” that I spoke to was for the Rachael Ray show — but that was much shorter.

So a few weeks ago my trainer asked me if I would be willing to share my weight loss journey and goals through the process with the weight loss challenge group at my health club. For some crazy reason, I said yes. 🙂 I’m not a public speaker… but yet I say yes. (I finally know why I do this…)

As the days got closer, the time seemed to dwindle to prepare for it. And then yesterday happened. I had an extremely busy day at work, leaving me essentially no time to think about anything other than what had to be done there. In other words… I didn’t prepare for this. Oops.

I stood at the front of the room and I felt like a nut. I had my “outline” that I created in about the 20-30 minutes prior, but I should have had my old size 28 jeans. I should have had pictures blown up to 8×10 so that they would be easier to see. I should have… I should have… I should have…

But overall it didn’t go too badly – I was just SUPER nervous at the beginning leading me to ramble a little bit. I also didn’t know what the trainers were really looking for, so maybe next time (if there’s a next time) I know what questions to ask before hand.

I’m hoping that by giving this talk tonight it will help me redefine some of the things I’ve been writing about in my journey. Things I’ve been trying to recall… and things i’ve been trying to forget. You know those moments where all you want to do is hide under a table. Yeah, that’s me for most of my life. And tonight for the first 30 seconds, I think I was wanting to be back under the table.

Thankfully, the rest of the 15 minutes (about) went well and I even got some questions. As I was finishing my workout (after the talk) one of the people that was there for the seminar came up to me to tell me that it went well. That was good to hear.

Maybe I’ll do it again… maybe not. Really my goal in all of this is still the same. Show others that they can do the same things I did… because all I did was to work hard and reach a goal I set. I know that simplifies it far too much, but sometimes you have to have the goal in mind before you start the journey.