I think…

…about what life would be like if things were different, but I know that changes nothing. I am going to start accepting myself as I am and what I have. No more “wishing” for what I could have. God will provide these things if and when the time is right.

…about how I feel so insecure about so many things, but yet I try to be the picture of confidence. I need to acknowledge to others that I am hurting — and also begin writing more about these “hurts” so that I can find the root causes of these insecurities.

…about how I procrastinate at EVERYTHING, even when important things need to be accomplished. I’m not sure how to fix this in myself… other than actually NOT procrastinating. 🙂

…about how I need to read more, but instead pick up my computer to Tweet, blog or simply waste time on Facebook. I will re-commit to reading, whether it’s the Bible — or a book I’ve been dying to catch up on.

…about where my next travel adventure will take me — and whether or not I can afford said trip. I will start to save money for this trip each week in my piggy bank. Even if it’s only one dollar each week.

…about the goals that I set for myself at the beginning of this month and how each one of them has been broken. Well… the daily ones at least. I will start working on these goals again… starting today.

…about going back to grad school — not for finance (my current field of choice) but for something that will inspire me to inspire others to be better people. To encourage the world to see things in themselves that they didn’t even know was possible. I’m just not sure what grad school program to enter for that kind of thing. **If you have any suggestions on this one — I’m all about it!**

…about the possibility of moving out of my hometown all the time. Out of the life I have known forever and into a place that will bring me a sense of adventure. Without selling my home, I’m not sure how I can make this happen.

…that I cannot fail at anything that I honestly put my heart into. (More on that tomorrow…)

…I am more thankful than what I can possibly even write for the family & friends I have that support me in everything. Not only my real life friends… but also my bloggy friends out there. Your comments keep me going and make me smile. I appreciate your comments and love even though we have not met.

…that I will be working to read more blogs — not only to make more friends (especially friends from SITS) — but also to learn more about writing, the craft I have begun to love and want to continue to develop to achieve my dream of being published someday.

…I am going to re-commit to conquer the hard things in my life again. Recommit to being the best I can be. Recommit to losing the weight that I have gained over the past 2 months and get back on plan (I know… I’ve said this before!) Recommit to working out daily… recommit to counting my WW points… recommit to feeling better.

…that I can do this — ALL of this.