What is next…

Last night I listened/watched online (to be honest I listened much more than I watched) the Help Haiti Live event that Compassion put on to raise money and re-ignite some of the interest that has been lost now for the plight of the Haitians since the media presence has dwidled. Especially now that there has been another major earthquake in Chile. (From what I understand, Chileans are pretty used to having earthquakes… but this was MAJOR… so definitely keep them in your prayers along with the Haitian people.)

Anyway, during the concert – Shaun Groves told some stories and then near the end… gave a challenge. He said “Now that you know, what will you do?”

This question speaks to me on so many levels. After seeing the need in the Dominican Republic, I truly didn’t know what more I could do. I’m not someone (or at least as of this writing) who is going to get up, move to a 3rd world country and serve God’s people that way. Not saying that God won’t call me to it, I just don’t think that’s where God wants to use my talents in this life.

I know that God has big plans for me. I’m just not entirely sure of what they are… other than that I have to keep writing about my weight loss journey. That I know. After all, HE needs to be given the glory for what he enabled me to accomplish… and now maintain. I’m just not sure how this will completely finalize itself out yet… but I’m looking into some things. Good things.

Next week I am taking another writing workshop. I’m hoping to get back into my “groove” (so to speak) and get another segment of my weight loss story completed. One step closer to getting it all in book form. One step closer to helping others learn from my mistakes in life… or even my regrets… and hope that they can begin living their fullest life sooner than what I did.

I’m also trying to take this blog to “the next level”. I am going to be signing up for at least 1 — if not 2 — blog conferences for later this year. I’m hoping to get sponsorships for this, but I am also trusting that God will provide what is needed before the plane (or car) is set to travel across the country. I’ll tell you more about these events as they get closer — but I am SUPER excited about both — and am hoping to meet some awesome bloggy friends… and see the sights of at least one city I’ve never visited before (and maybe even see the Pacific Ocean?!?!?)

Anyway… so that is kind of what’s next for me. I’m seeking out what God wants… I striving to lean on Him so that I can follow where he is leading me and not going down the wrong path. Although, as a final thought here… even if you travel down the wrong path in your life for a while, God seems to bring you back to the path HE wants you to be travelling… whether through friends, family, or even a random stranger… at least that’s what I’ve seen in my life.