WW Wednesday: I’m so vain…


Last night I was working on a bio for my attendance at the Relevant Conference that I’ve recently signed up for. The conference is in October, but many of us that are going are very excited (trust me, you should see the twitter feed as we’ve been discussing the conference… and just remember it’s 8 months away.)

Anyway… I had to submit a picture along with my information… and I thought about trying to get one of the professional pictures I had done last year (wow, was it really a year ago?!?). BUT then tonight, in my pseudo laziness (more lazy than pseudo) I came up with the idea of editing one of my own photos and submitting that instead. Yes, self portrait. And I love it. If you haven’t figured it out yet, it is the picture to the left. 🙂 What do you think?

So you are probably asking yourself, what in the world does this have to do with Weight Watcher’s Wednesday?? Yeah, I was kinda thinking that same thing as I was dreaming up this post in my mind. But then it hit me.

This really does epitomize part of what I have achieved. 4 years ago I couldn’t stand being in pictures, looking at pictures of myself or simply even walking past a mirror at times. I couldn’t stand looking at the person that wasn’t doing anything with her life and was ashamed of who she was. I did things to please others, instead of myself (something that I still fall prey to at times).

I didn’t believe I was beautiful. And because I didn’t believe that, I didn’t have confidence that others would love me (hence the reason for wanting to do things to please others).

But now, look at me at the beginning of this post. I am confident and proud of myself and what I have accomplished — and proud of what I look like.

I almost feel like I can call myself beautiful.

I’m afraid I’d be called vain though.