A new fear ~almost~ realized…

Two work stories in less than a week… hmmm, can’t say that this is going to be a regular feature, but the story had to be told. And I knew at least a few of you would chuckle at with me. Or at least I assume you would.

So I’m leaving the ladies room in my office the other night… just after getting ready to go to the health club for my workout. This bathroom is a nice finished off single room type bathroom with the lock on the door (we don’t have enough people for the “stall” kinds of bathrooms.)

As I prepare to leave the bathroom on that fine snowy evening (that really has nothing to do with the story), I turn the lock and it doesn’t pop out like usual. I turn the handle and the door remains locked. I try again… still stuck. Hmmm…

All of a sudden (after a mere 3 tries) the lock pops out and I escape. However, as I am walking back to my office – laughing out loud at the sitation – I imagine what it could have been… which made me laugh even more. Picture it (and yes, this still could happen as the door technically has *not* been fixed yet)… me standing in the ladies room, knocking to get out.

So I tell one of my coworkers about this… he adds to the fun – imagine it now 10am one day… “Wonder why Julie didn’t come in today… that’s strange, I thought I saw her earlier.” Or around 5-6pm “I hear a faint knock as I walk past the bathroom to leave… can’t be Julie, she’s left for the day.”

Yes, we came up with a few scenarios imagining me stuck in the bathroom. All were entertaining. One even included bringing my cell phone with me at all times in case of emergency. “Help, I’ve fallen in…”

Now I have a fear that it might actually happen.

Note to self… store a granola bar or two and a magazine in there — just in case I get stuck.

And maybe take the cell phone with. Just for the fun of it.