Manic Monday Musings…

Slacker, Slacker, Slacker, Slacker. It’s been 4 days since my last blog post. Slacker.

Yup. That’s me. So here are my Manic Monday Musings…

Comment Challenge

First I’ll start with the blog comment challenge that I wanted (so desperately) to do and achieve. Unless a miracle happens in the next 2 weeks and the days become longer (and provided I don’t take advantage of said longer days by sleeping more) I have no extra time to comment on the blogs. So I think I am “officially” –however you do that on the inter-webs– withdrawing from the challenge this month.  

I think next month I’m going to have a goal for myself of 200. That means 50 comments per week. MEANINGFUL comments that is. I don’t know about you – but meaningful comments mean so much more… and they make me want to come visit your blogs as well. 

Anyone want in on that challenge? Because I’m going to 2 blog conferences later this year, I want to get to know the other participants that will be attending. This is the best way to do that – or at least I think so. Well, that and by the end of the week you will see the other project I’ve been working on to get to know everyone. Just wait… you’ll see how much I’m really a dork… really.

March Madness

Basketball tourney’s are now in full force… brackets are being produced… offices are trash talking… and I’m off work at the end of the week to watch all of this march madness unfold. This past weekend the lovely Amanda @ It’s Blogworthy shared about a blogger’s March Madness bracket that Cathy @ Antsy Pants is hosting. If you want in, I think there’s still time to contact Cathy.

Another side of the March Madness has already been in full swing with the Division III Women’s Tournament… and my favorite team Hope College is in the Final Four! Go Dutchman! 🙂

PSA Announcements…

Ok… so here are my two PSA announcements for the day.  I heard them on the radio this morning while waiting for an appt at 7am.

… Today marks one month left to get your taxes filed.

… Census forms are now being mailed. Return it. Otherwise someone will have to visit you, and we all know that you’d be in your pajamas when that would happen. 🙂

Finally, I will admit to you that I rewarded myself with food after the appointment this morning. It’s my way of actually getting through the appointment. You gotta do what you gotta do.