Weight Loss Thursday: Oh the comments you hear…

First, I know that this was formerly called “Weight Watchers” Wednesday – but until the company sponsors me for the posts, I think I’m going stop promoting them so explicitly. Not to say that I won’t ever mention Weight Watchers… I will… but it’s because the company and their program has been such an integral part of the weight loss journey that I’ve been on. But that being said — I’d really love for them to sponsor me! (Hint, Hint…) 🙂

Second… before I forget… next week “Weight Loss Wednesday” will be back to it’s original state. And if you are interested… I may put up a linky for anyone else who wants to post about how your weight loss journey is going… what has affected you most… things you struggle with. Leave me a comment to let me know if you are interested! (I’ll figure out how it’s done if I have to cross that bridge!)

This past week has been filled with some crazy stuff. A coworker on vacation making my workdays less “normal” and filled with things that I don’t normally encounter. Not that it’s been bad, just different. I do however feel like some of my work projects that have been hanging around for a while are finally starting to clear up, and I might not be under a mountain (or what feels like a mountain right now). So with all of that around me, I’ve been lacking on my workouts and increasing on the food intake.
Before you start jumping into the comments… I am maintaining {a little above goal weight} right now… so all is good.
But Friday night didn’t start out particularly well. I’d had a hard day… and really just wanted to relax. So I got pizza… and well, let’s just say it wasn’t pretty. In fact, I was pretty ashamed of myself. For full disclosure… I will also say there was some chocolate involved too.

So picture it… me sitting, er… laying on my futon with my computer on my lap. My goal for the weekend was to be following 900 people in the hopes that some would reciprocate (I don’t expect it… well, unless it is #yotweeps time) and I would have 500 people following me. Yes, I realize it was probably a stupid goal, but I’m a dork… so humor me. 🙂

Sometime that evening I had a great conversation (twittervation?) with Stefany @ToBeThode (you can visit her blog here). Stefany is going through her weight loss journey currently and we’ve been tweeting about this recently. This is how our conversation started…

“I was talking about you yesterday. Were your ears burning? I was talking about my bad weigh-in weeks and how you told me that you had many ups and downs in your journey… that you are my true inspiration and I can only hope to be as successful as you have been.”

How sweet is that!?!?! I’m telling you the truth when I say that she brought me to tears that night.

Comments can be amazing. She completely turned my night around and actually probably brought me back from giving up for the month altogether. Sometimes the comments can be simple and encouraging to change your entire mindset.

“You look great” & “How much have you lost?” are a couple of good comments that I get frequently. But that’s understandable with my journey and how far I’ve come. I have a lot of people that don’t recognize me right away — and then are shocked at what I look like. I’m tell you, that’s as good as a really nice compliment. These looks, good comments/compliments really kept {and keep!} me going on the journey. They lift spirits, they can brighten a day and simply said, it brings a ray of hope back into your life if things have been going negatively.

Reversely… negative comments can start a tailspin that leave the weight loss journey in the dust. When I’m not eating right, I become a negative person about my losses… about the way I feel about myself… about the outlook of what I can do.

But it doesn’t compare to how comments from others can do the same thing. “Just one bite won’t hurt!” {oh yes, it will.} “But you’re so skinny”… or what I’ve been getting recently “You’re too thin”. These comments not only don’t help the person that is trying to change their habits. It really puts a sense of negativity in your head. And when it comes from people that care about you {and vice versa} it can give the sense that they don’t care — or that they don’t want what is in your best interest. That’s usually not the case, but I know what it feels like to have a “taste” of something… and then go home and binge for the afternoon because you just want more of it.

I never showed this side of myself to my family and friends. NEVER.

But that’s another blog post for another time.

What I guess I’m trying to say here (I think I sidetracked myself)… comments really can make your weight loss journey. Don’t do the journey alone… because there are a lot of people that want to support you and help you succeed. I am one of them. You just have to tell me what you are up to — connect with me on twitter or e-mail. I would love to be a support to you — not only with encouragement, but also to let you know that someone else has tread the waters… because there’s not much in this journey I haven’t experienced! 🙂
Now I want to know… are there comments that derail you? Comments that make you want to jump up and down? Things that others do that make you feel like you can conquer the world?

I hope so. Because of the amazing enouragements I’ve received throughout the years I wouldn’t be where I am… especially for many who are reading this. I know who you are — and I just want to say…