iPod: Random Five…

I know that on Wednesday’s I typically feature something that is weight loss related. Today I have writer’s block with it. Could be the lack of sleep. So I’m playing along with Ms. Random for the iPod Random Five. 🙂

I thought I had a lot of songs on my iPod at almost 3000… but she dwarfs me with almost 9500!! WOWsers. I definitely won’t have that many songs on my iPod ever — or at least that I’ll ever listen to. I was actually contemplating the other day about creating (yet another) playlist of songs that I like. I think I have created about 5 of them since getting my iPod… but it’s because I want to listen to the new music that I recently purchased.

As you will see… I have quite an eclectic music collection. 🙂

Anyway — here are the random five for today… (some of which I haven’t heard in a LONG while)

1. Lucky One – Tantric (WGRD Bootleg ’08 version)

This song was recorded “unplugged” and I like it a whole lot more than the “plugged” version.

2. Hiding Place – Steven Curtis Chapman

I think this is one of his “older” songs… after all it’s on his Greatest Hits album which was released in 1997. Which incidentally (and somewhat unfortunately) was probably the year of the last time I actually listened to this album.

3. You’ll Be in my Heart – Phil Collins (Tarzan)

I am a total Disney nut. I love Disney movies… and the music that comes from those movies.

4. The Road I’m On – 3 Doors Down

This isn’t the most positive of songs. But I still like it. 🙂

5. Find Rest – Pam & Lyn

I love this song. We started singing it in church — and I think it’s one of my favorite songs. It’s actually one of the songs that I go to when I’m feeling scared about something and I am seeking out “Finding Rest” in God. Love it.

So there you have it. Now go check out the rest of the music choices at Ms Random’s Ramblings.