In memory of…

A little boy.

Taken too soon.

A life ended when it should have just been beginning.

Cancer strikes again.

A 2 year old little boy, Ethan Loney passed away on Friday. I didn’t know him, but through a bloggy friend – Supah Mommy – I learned that his last wish was to meet Crosby… the mascot for the Pittsburgh Penguins.


Unfortunately his wish didn’t happen… but instead – this little boy is in heaven now. Cancer free. Playing with the angels… because that’s how I imagine all kids who go to heaven too soon. Healed and playing like they couldn’t do while here on earth.

So I – along with a number of other bloggers from around the country – released a white balloon in this little boy’s memory.

I decided to draw a penguin on mine — only because I knew how much he wanted to meet Crosby.

In memory of Ethan.

Ethan’s family will be remembering his life this week. Please be praying for them as they go through this loss — that God gives them peace and comfort where they didn’t think any could exist. I pray that their family and friend surround them now… but also on the days when things will seem so difficult, the birthdays, holidays — and the days that they would be doing everyday things as a family.

To look at more memories/balloon releases for little Ethan from other bloggers – go to Supah Mommy’s blog here.

And please, please, please keep Supah’s friend Jaden – another little guy with cancer – in your prayers as well. His story can be found here.