Weight Loss Wednesday: Cooking Challenge…

As a part of my “to do” list this week, I am going to try to cook at home at least 2 times. This typically shouldn’t be that difficult, except that I’ve been really bad with some of the habits that I’ve re-established recently and need to get my head back in-line with my heart (so to speak… at least as far as weight loss terms goes.)

This also brings me to the challenge part of my day. A cooking challenge. To take one recipe (for me a healthy new recipe) each week and give it a whirl.

Now those that know me… especially some family members that read this blog… can attest that I am not the quickest (think: snail) person to try a new food or a new dish. I’ve honestly been trying to get better with all of this, but it is still difficult for me to get over the fearful mindset that held me captive for so many years on these foods.

What I am going to do is take the Hungry Girl cookbook that I just purchased and try one new recipe from it each week. I will document it here — on Wednesdays — to show that I did make something new (the first few weeks may not be too far out of my comfort zone… just a little warning). 🙂

With that… I’m wondering if you would be interested in taking on this cooking challenge too? One recipe a week — from wherever you would like — and share it with us on your blog. If there’s enough interest, I’ll put up a linky next week so we can all support eachother!

What do you think? Are you in?