Weight Loss Wednesday: The reality of being skinny…

Yesterday I read this article on MSNBC about how one person thought that their problems would be solved if they were skinny. As the article explained she was a “self-described ‘accomplished fat girl,’” including having a master’s degree in creative writing, a great job, a slew of friends and a loving boyfriend. “The only thing holding her back, she thought, was weight.”

“Larsen thought skinny came with a mega-boost of self confidence. And a huge dollop of happiness. She thought she’d be dynamic and brave and ready to take on the world, just because she was thin.”

Doesn’t there seem like there’s something wrong with this picture?

I guess I’m the one with 150 pounds off my body sitting here wondering why she thought all of her problems would be solved. Maybe (and this is just MY theory), it’s because she took the “easy” way out — choosing to have surgery to correct the problem rather than working hard to lose the weight through one of MANY programs out there. I chose Weight Watchers… but others have found success in other places.

Yes, after the weight loss I thought things would be easier – in SOME cases – in my life. That meeting people, guys specifically, would come more naturally. But turns out, it’s more my lack-of-outgoingness is more the issue on this one. And it’s something I fully acknowledge and am TRYING to work on.

But that doesn’t mean that I’m not happy. It doesn’t mean that I don’t have so much more self-confidence. I know I can do SO much more than I was able to do when I was 300+ pounds. I have so much more fun now that I have more energy. I have so much more life in me because I believe in me. And all of these things make me happy. I’m also actively working at making my dreams come true. I’m travelling more now than what I used to. I’m trying to continually learn about things that interest me. I’m being who God made me.

Yes, there are times that I struggle with happiness, confidence and security. But don’t we all? Is there anyone, either the overweight or the so called skinny-types, that is happy 100% of the time?

If the woman featured in the article cannot find the happiness within herself or through her faith, what is the likelihood that she will turn to food once again for comfort? I hope that this is not the case, but for those of use that grew up with unresolved issues — and used food to mask them — this typically is the outcome. I know for me, it’s still the easiest thing to go back to when emotional. That’s going to take some re-learning.

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