Let it go: Part one…

Some of you have followed my journey for a long while… some of you are fairly new to the journey I’ve been on. By now I’m sure that you know I’ve been through a weight loss journey, one that literally changed my life, change my outlook and changed much of who I am and what I believe I can do.

But there’s one thing that hasn’t changed in my life.

My faith has been my rock. My faith has been a source of joy for me – not only because I love Jesus and want to know more about my faith, my church, and the Bible – but also because it has connected me countless friends that have supported me throughout my weight loss journey.

But I’m not perfect.

Throughout this journey I have held tight to the control. I have released some things to God, but then quickly take them back because I didn’t want something to change, I didn’t want to let go of the stronghold, I didn’t want to be seen as “weak”.

And then something happened on Tuesday.

I was watching the Gather in Spirit coordinators talk on the web about their faith and why they choose to blog about their faith. I realized that I had almost completely abandoned this part of my life on my blog in the past few months.

So many other things concerned me. Things that should not have concerned me.

Because there is so much more happening around me. Many amazing things in my faith, many cool things that I could write about. But that means I have to let go of my control. I have to let go of what I *want* to write about… and rely on God to provide me the words that He wants me to say.

There will be more about this in the coming weeks… but just know. I am surrendering and I hope you all will be blessed by the things I will be sharing in the coming days, weeks and months.

This is an amazing journey.

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