Weight Loss Wednesday: Looking back – finding my mojo back…

Because of my schedule this week… and the fact that I wasn’t sure that I really wanted to write the same things over that I had written before (because right now the weight loss part of my life feels like a broken record)… I am bringing back a post from about a year ago. Some of you may have read it, but it may be new to some of you. Ironically, about a year ago I was feeling the same way about things in my journey. Right down to the gain I’ve experienced over the past few months. And the fact that I hired my trainer again to beat on me some this week. (He doesn’t really beat on me, it just feels like it when the work out is over!) 🙂

As I read this over last night, I was completely humbled that even though time has passed – I have not changed. Definitely something I’m going to work through in my upcoming posts in the next few weeks. And without further adieu…

Need to find my Mojo…

My weight loss mojo went away sometime during the month of May. I’m not quite sure when I lost it, but I know that I did. Since the beginning of May, as of tonight’s weigh in, I have officially gained 12 pounds.

Seriously. I have been so completely and utterly off plan so far that I don’t know how I’m going to find the plan back. I am going to read my materials and get back to the fundamentals. I’m going to work to get my milks and oils in (as well as my proteins!) and try my hardest to limit my carbs (because that just seems to trigger more and more desire to eat!)

Ultimately I know that I will find my way back to goal and that all will be good, but right now, I’m worried. I’m worried that I won’t make it back to the “goal range” in July & thus losing my chance for another Weight Watcher’s lifetime key. I’m worried that I will be destined to be at this weight (or around this weight) forever. And while this is a “comfortable” weight for me… I want to weigh less.

There really is more to this though. Much more. Lately I’ve been stuffing my face with whatever I find. Not that it’s all bad… grapes, pretzels, and nuts. (Granted, there has been a run-in or two with chocolate & potato chips as well.) I want to be the girl that can have a small serving of that and be satified. I want to be the girl that remembers that IT WILL be on the store shelves tomorrow and that I WILL have this particular food again.

I also want to get back into a routine of working out. The month of June has been very dismal in that respect… but I’m getting it back on in July. Not only am I motivated because I’ve hired a trainer for 10 weeks – but on the weight watcher’s message board I’m a part of, we are doing a contest. And while I am not a great trash talker (and y’all can help me with this!) I AM going to be winning in the weight loss part of that contest. I am determined.

So there… now it’s been written. I’m “starting over” in the morning with my banana and maybe a slice of toast with some peanut butter… mmmm, sounds good already.

Have you ever had something where you’ve looked back and you’ve felt you have already been there before like I had this week?

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