Celebrating Michigan: My favorite places…

I love Michigan (in the summer). I love to drive and explore the state. I love my hometown and all that it has to offer. So I’m joining Big Binder today as part of her “Celebrating Michigan” week and showcasing some things that I love about living and traveling here.

On a side note: I connected with Big Binder (and SO many other great bloggers) this weekend at Gleek Retreat. There will be a future post {very soon} that I will be sharing some of what I learned and how in the first 5 minutes of the first session, I knew my life would be very different in the {hopefully} near future.

Michigan typically celebrates itself once a year… but this year they decided to cancel the party {along with so many other things} due to no money in the budget. Oh well… we’ll just take over for them. This is seriously going to sound like an ad for the state. But it’s not… because if you come here to visit — I’m just saying you better tell me so I can meet you! 🙂

What’s great about living in Holland? Each year we have the Tulip Festival where many people come from around the country to see the tulips, DeZwaan Windmill and many other sights — such as our beautiful lighthouse.



But then there’s one of my favorite places to travel to… a place I think *EVERYONE* should have the chance to go to at least once in their life. A little island between the Upper and Lower Pennisula – Mackinaw Island. Not only is it really quaint and cute… but they produce some of the best fudge known to man.

And myself being addicted to chocolate… this isn’t good.

There’s a really long story about Fort Mackinaw and it’s importance in United States history… but honestly I can’t remember much of it. It’s still a gorgeous place to go to.

fort mackinaw

And the other cool as heck thing to see – and drive across (but not on a windy day) – the Mackinac Bridge.

mackinac island 019

So there’s my little recap of my Michigan highlights.

While things aren’t super hot for us here economy wise… we do have a lot to offer.
Just not jobs right now. 🙂