Weight Loss Wednesday: When injuries set you back…

I’ll start out this by saying I’m not majorly injured. I don’t want anyone to be worried. 🙂

Since the Riverbank Run 10k I’ve been experiencing some pain in my left foot. For the first few days after the run it was really pronounced, every step I took I could feel a little jolt of pain near my little toes. I went to the doctor and she said it was most likely a pulled muscle or tendon because the pain wasn’t there all of the time (and there was only minimal swelling/no bruising.)

So based on her advice I took {almost} 2 weeks off my workouts.

The pain started going away – and would only come back at strange or odd times. No rhyme or reason – but I felt good enough to get back into my workouts. That’s when I did it…

I went back to my trainer for a VERY hard workout. When I was telling him about what the doctor said, he asked me why I wasn’t at the gym at least working on my upper body. I had no good answer for that. It was my foot that hurt, not my arms. And because of this, I was VERY sore after that workout on Thursday.

And then I sat for much of the 3 days after. Not a wise move when your muscles are trying to rid themselves of the buildup of acid after being dormant for so long.

But I began thinking about this yesterday in a more broad view as well. It’s not only the physical injuries that set us back in our weight loss journey. I know for me the mental injuries set me back even further – and usually are SO much harder to recover from.

About a year ago, there was a misunderstanding with a friend and myself. This event began an unfolding of things that I learned over the next few months that led to the end of this relationship. These things are hard. It took a HUGE toll on me… and I fought with everything that I could to keep the weight off and stay within my Weight Watchers maintenance plan during this time.

Somewhere around Christmas something changed inside me mentally. I accepted the loss of the friendship, but that seemed to hurt even more. That’s when the pain of it all really set in and I began “eating my feelings”. Really, it was more than just this friendship lost… but it contributed.

There are so many things that lead to stories like this. Things that lead us back to gaining the weight we had once lost. Things that set us back and away from living the life that we want to lead.

What’s holding you back from your goals right now?