Welcome SITS friends!!!


My best friends from SITS have arrived! In case you didn’t know… I do talk about you all the time. I like to read your blogs and LOVE chatting with many of you on twitter. Seriously. I’m a twitter-a-holic. I’m afraid there might be an intervention from my family soon. But I digress…

Some of you visiting today may not be aware of the great online blogging community known as SITS (aka Secret in the Sauce.) Many bloggers come together daily and leave comments on the blogs that others have written. Tiffany and Heather came up with this brilliant idea and have connected so many bloggers. I really can’t wait to meet them (and so many others) at Bloggy Boot Camp later this summer in San Francisco! 🙂

And today is my day!


So I’m going to take a random guess and say that you want to know a little bit more about me and why I write…

First I better say that I’m not from The Netherlands. 🙂 I’m from a small city called Holland that’s located on the shores of Lake Michigan. This is a beautiful little place in which some of my ancestors founded after leaving the Netherlands looking for a better life. And while many love it here, I would love to have an adventure in a much warmer state that doesn’t receive 100+ inches of {mostly lake-enhanced} snowfall each year.

I started out this blog talking about the struggles that I was having with my weight loss journey – because as so many know, it is not an easy journey. But with the help and support of my family, friends and online community, I achieved my weight goal about 18 months ago after losing more than 150 pounds.

For one day I was a celebrity when I was featured on The Rachael Ray Show last October. I had a fabulous time in New York and wrote about the whole experience. There’s also a link so that you can watch my segment!

I still struggle with keeping the weight off but am trying to find adventure in all that I do. I – just this past week – created a new goal of doing 101 Things in 1001 Days so that I can make the most of these adventures… as well as provide myself some REALLY good blogging material!

Currently I’m on the search for “Mr. Right” and had quite an adventure meeting someone while on a roadtrip a while back. I’ve also tried the online dating thing… and found that you “meet” some interesting people that way.

It has been such a pleasure hosting each of you today – I hope you enjoyed reading some of the things that I’ve shared… and I hope that you come back and visit often. I love meeting new blog friends. And I truly can’t wait to visit each one of your blogs this week as I anticipate my next “Saturday Sevens” feature.

Thanks again for coming by… and have a blessed day everyone!