Rachael Ray backstory: part one…

So I promised last week that I would give the back story to my appearance on the Rachael Ray show last October. I know you all think it’s pretty glamorous… but I totally think it’s a God thing. Let me explain…

About a year ago, my Weight Watchers leader poked, prodded and persuaded me to enter a contest that could have led to me being named one of six Weight Watcher’s spokespeople for a year. It was tempting… so I entered. Not because of the fame part, but because I wanted to win the secondary prize. (And by the way, I think that’s the first time I’ve acknowledge that as well.) 🙂

After sending in this paperwork, I kind of forgot about it. Not at first of course… at that point I was dreaming of becoming famous for losing the weight. But as the summer progressed, I thought about it less and less. So much so that when the FedEx package arrived saying that I was one of the finalists for the contest, I nearly jumped out of my skin. Literally.

A couple of weeks passed and I found out that I was one of the 30 finalists around the country to have won the Macy’s gift cards. I was SO excited. And I thought that was it.

But was I ever wrong. A few weeks later a public relations person from Weight Watchers contacted me about whether I would be interested in doing anything to promote my story. I told her that I would be available for it, just wanted the opportunity to be right. I know that my story was submitted for a couple of publications, but really never expected to be chosen… although I must say, that would have been soooo cool too.

Time passed… and now it’s October. I should also mention here that throughout the year, I had been praying for God to do something within me… to give me an opportunity. And about a month before leaving on the mission trip that month, I had an overwhelming feeling that God would do something after the mission trip. I had also applied for a position at Weight Watchers in this time… a job that I never heard anything more about.

So when we arrived in the Dominican Republic we were plagued with communication issues. We were never able to get online with our computers to check/send e-mail, go on facebook… nothing. We finally bought a cell phone with minutes so we could each call home and let our families know we had arrived safely.

On Wednesday night during the week, I called home and spoke with my dad for a few minutes. He said everything was good at home and really didn’t say much else. But later that night, I started getting this REALLY strange feeling that I had voicemails on my phone from Weight Watchers. Really strong feelings of this. So I simply prayed that whatever opportunity was waiting on that voicemail – if there was such a voicemail (because I honestly didn’t know if I should really believe my gut feeling on this one) – that it would be waiting for me when I returned to the states.

…and now you’ll have to wait until tomorrow to read the (as Paul Harvey says) rest of the story! 🙂

*update: Here’s the link to the Rachael Ray Show backstory: part two