Putting the puzzle together…

This weekend I worked on my puzzle. Yes, the 1000 piece Thomas Kinkade puzzle that by the time I am able to cross it off the 101 in 1001 list… will have driven me nuts and sent me to the local hospitals psych ward.

The reason is because missing puzzle pieces bug me. Every time I walk past the puzzle all I see is this “hole”. Something that is making me stop in my tracks and concentrate on the many pieces that have not been place in the puzzle yet.

And it occurred to me this is how I’ve been treating life recently.

I’ve felt out of sync because I haven’t been eating right… therefore not feeling good about these choices and then continuing to make bad choices because I haven’t felt good about myself. Then there’s the issue of me not balancing my checkbook (even though it’s in an easy to use computer program). I’ve felt out of control with my money… without any grasp on what is happening and where I stood financially.

I’m not married, but after the last month of feeling so out of control with this – and without a plan – I can definitely see why finances are one of the leading reasons that leads couples to divorce. It is STRESSFUL.

Another thing that I’ve been “off course” with in my life recently have how I’ve been spending my time… or really not been spending it. Recently my devotional/quiet time with God has been non-existant. It’s not that I don’t want to do it, I just always seem to run out of time… or get up too late in the morning to do anything (darn snooze button!) I’ve also not been spending time developing my writing. This is something that I know is *very* important if my dream of becoming published (and seeing my work on a magazine or book shelf) is going to come true.

I think though with the productivity from last weekend as well as really clearing my head this weekend (and some retail therapy), I am now on a much more stable path to being back to succeeding in many ways.

I have a vision to what I want my life to be about. I can see now what I’ve been doing wrong on many levels and have already begun working on correcting that. I have also come to realize this weeknd that it is (and has been) futile for me to focus what I’ve been doing wrong. I have to start focusing on what I’m doing right… and keep going with it.

After all, that is how success happens.