#WeddingWeek: A Halloween wedding…

It’s the wedding day! My brother will be getting married this evening… and all day today I will be having fun with the girls having breakfast, getting our hair done, applying our make-up and just spending some quality time together. I really can’t wait. And tonight I’m sure that there will be some great fun to be had at the reception. SO VERY EXCITED!!!  (As if you haven’t already figured it out.) 🙂

Today’s guest is a good friend… a friend that I am hoping to be working and writing with soon (but more to come with that later)… but I honestly don’t know how we met {other than twitter of course… I mean really, how else do I meet people??} And when I put out the call that I was looking for guest bloggers, Victoria from Let the Son Shine was the first to respond – and I quickly accepted!

I’m so glad to be able to share her wedding story…


A Halloween wedding

My husband, Jay, and I had planned the cutest little wedding two teenagers with a baby could afford—one paid for with money borrowed from his grandmother. The dress was bought, the invitations sent. We were all set to wed outdoors on a beautiful spring day…until we weren’t. If my husband were here, he’d start going on and on about how he’d been ready to marry me from the day we met and he’d even rat me out as being the one with all the doubts, but he’s not here, so we’ll just skip right over that bit.

Sure, I’d been holding out for some swell mix of John Cusack and Jake Ryan to show up and profess his love for me over cake and under a boom box. Still, we were not ready to be married. We weren’t even ready to be parents, but that’s not something you can just run away from, and honestly, you wouldn’t want to if you could. From that first positive pregnancy test on, my future husband had been asking me to marry him, and I’d been semi-sorta-kinda-almost-respectfully declining.

Two weeks before the big day, I came back to my senses, or maybe I freaked out a bit. Yeah, that’s right, I canceled the wedding 14 full days in advance.

After a year or so, another baby, and a lot of maturing, we started to make plans for that sunny and breezy, flower filled wedding we’d imagined. I had the dress, why change the plan? Well, manipulation that’s why.

It was October when we shared our happy news with family and friends, including one over-eager, doting grandmother—my husband’s, for the record. Quicker than an old lady should be able to, she whipped up a plan and hit me right between the eyes with it.

At the time, Jay’s grandfather was very ill, so when I was told how much he’d like to see me become part of his family before dying, I let go of my perfect wedding and began planning something more immediate. It would be years before I found out the true urgency existed only in his wife’s little master-mind. The guy was a total recluse for as long as I knew him, and still I never would have figured out on my own that he never gave a hoot about my being family. Dude barely knew my name. I don’t know whether my maw-maw-in-law thought I’d bail again or what, I just choose to take it as coming from a place of love and let it lie. The way I see it, we never had to repay the money for the wedding I canceled and she hasn’t had to pay for the one she stole. Fair enough.

So, we’re staring at the calendar and the budget and back again when the perfect plan comes to mind—mine, for the record. As any person in their right mind would, I had decided we’d get married on Halloween. Justice of the Peace style. Dress.and.all. Somehow wearing the dress for a courthouse wedding just makes sense on Halloween.

After trick-or-treating with our two little ones, Jay and I, along with our two witnesses (whom we never heard from again) made our way to the courthouse. Just in case you were wondering, Halloween is not the best night for a wedding. Lots of hijinks and all that to steal your thunder…this is where the dress comes in handy. When one weds within the witching hour, a big fluffy white dress is simply a must.

I wish I had pictures of us waiting {for.ever} in that lobby. They disappeared with our witnesses, presumably whisked away by the witness protection program. We do have the perfect photo from that surprisingly perfect night, though. There’s just something so special about seeing a picture of the two of us on our wedding day from the eyes of the two year old that God had used to bring us together in the first place.