I am a determined polka dot…

I can’t believe the weekend is done and I’m back to my normal daily routine. I can’t complain though, with a spa day on Thursday with the girls and a perfect wedding and reception on Friday. I’ll have pictures to show you all tomorrow! 🙂 I hope you all enjoyed the wedding week posts — I am so thankful for Jennifer, Liz, Luschka, Wendy, Victoria and Jeannette for sharing with us!

What I wanted to share about was something that my brother said to (or about) me on Thursday evening at the rehearsal dinner.

I should first back up to say that he and I have had a number of feuds through the years and still the ease of bickering with each other comes quicker than being patient in most instances. But things are much better than when we were younger… that’s for sure. And even now, he calls for advice on certain things that I may or may not be an expert at. We really do get along now.

On Thursday evening, we were all asked to share something about the soon-to-be-wedded-couple. I felt like an idiot because I didn’t prepare anything – and really didn’t want to go up there… and hope that everything I said was forgotten already. I should have written a letter to him — which I might do yet for his birthday and post it here. (He doesn’t read my blog… so I’ll have to e-mail it to him too. LOL)

After everyone had shared, the bride and groom spoke of their gratefulness to each of their parents… and then individually to each member of the bridal party. I wish I had somehow been able to video all of these because they really put a lot of thought and caring into their gifts and words that they shared.

And what I learned that night from my brother is that I’m a polka dot. (While this is not word for word what he said, you’ll get the idea.)

Polka dots are quite random things. Sometimes they are in a nice neat row and all in the same color… but they also come in patterns full of randomness and crazy colors all mixed in with each other. You used to be predictable Julie… everyone knew what to expect and when. And then somewhere over the past few years in your weight loss journey something changed. Somehow you changed.

And now (as I unwrapped a bottle of wine called “Polka Dot”) you are just like a polka dot. We never know what to expect with what is going to happen next. Where you are going next. And that’s a good thing.

I am just like a polka dot. He nailed it when he said that. There are days that even I don’t know what’s going to happen next in my own life. There are times that I surprise myself with the things that I can do – and the things that I can accomplish.

Last year I asked many family members and friends to describe me in a word or two… or even a sentence. I felt completely blessed by their responses — and still have yet to figure out why I never used the material before this in a blog post. The number one thing that came up in more than 1/3 of the responses was that they see me – and know me to be – a very determined individual. I can do anything I set my heart into doing. You may not know what is going to be accomplished next, but it will be completed.

So there you have it.

I am a determined polka dot.

Maybe I should change my “About Me” page to reflect some of this new found information. 🙂

How would others describe you?