The most memorable camping trip…

This week I am playing along with Mama Kat’s writers workshop at Mama’s Losin It – mostly because one of the prompts had to do with camping… and I just got back from a trip this weekend. {A good trip too!! Went kayaking for the first time – so fun.}

Mama's Losin' It

Writing prompt: Describe a memorable camping trip.

My family went camping every summer when I was growing up. It was a way of life, what we did. And as long as it wasn’t raining when we had to be cooped up inside a trailer attempting to occupy ourselves with the “indoor games” it was kinda fun. And for many of these camping trips my grandparents {and sometimes my great-grandfather} were with us in their own trailer.

The one memorable camping trip happened {I believe} just before I entered high school. It was the last “big” camping trip before my grandfather’s car accident.

It was one of the hottest – if not *the* hottest – summer on record for the upper mid-west. We drove east through the state of Michigan into Canada on our way ultimately to eastern edges of Canada and the US. On that very first day… mere hours into the trip… something happened to our van. I don’t recall exactly what {as I am not mechanically inclined} but I remember my mom pointing out that it was 104 degrees in the shade by the tree we were gathered under.

Somehow {a miracle in my book} the van got fixed and we carried on with our journey eastward. We ventured to Niagara Falls, Cooperstown and back into Canada.

We visited Prince Edward Island. And if you were anything like me, you probably would get very excited about going to visit the home of “Anne of Green Gables”. I loved her. Well, actually, I loved Gilbert. But Anne, Diana, Marilla and Matthew followed *very* closely behind. So in the opportunity to visit all of this with my mom and grandma {while the boys went deep sea fishing}, I was giddy. I might not have shown it, but truly in my heart that’s what I felt. 🙂

We saw so many things that I remembered from reading… and the sights of travelling the roads and seeing the house were amazing. I hope that someday I can share that same experience with my own daughter.

Anywhoo… after our time on the wonderful PEI, we started on our way home. And because it was July – and we had already visited the Cooperstown Baseball Hall of Fame with/for my brothers – we of course had to listen to the All Star Game on the radio. Yeah. I may have forgotten to mention that the day of the game we were in the Province of Quebec. And in case you don’t know… they speak primarily French there.

Not so good for us English speaking Americans.

We gathered around the radio listening closely for names we recognized and maybe some excitement that we could gather into a great play or home run. I recall that this did not last for very long… but maybe my memory doesn’t serve me well. After all, I could have been re-reading “Anne of Green Gables” at that point. 🙂

There were other things that happened on this trip – like the night that we had some seriously strong storms come through (can’t say that I love thunderstorms while I’m camping) or the time that my dad hit a picnic table with the back of the trailer (I don’t remember what happened to the table, but the camper had a dent in the bumper from that day on.)

I think the reason that this trip was so memorable is because there was so much thought put into it. So much planning… but not so much that we were held tightly to an itinerary. There was something for everyone to see and do… and many things that happened that we just will never forget.

There were numerous additional memorable camping trips up north at either Silver Lake or Mackinaw Island… but I’ll leave those for another time.

Have you ever gone camping? What is your favorite memory?