Sounding like a broken record…

So I’m back with a #WeightWatchers Wednesday post again… finally. 🙂

I’ve said it before. And I’ll probably say it again.

I eat when I’m tired.

AND I MUST BE TIRED! Ok, maybe being tired isn’t the only reason I’m eating… but it sure seems to play a large role for me. Add to that the lack of discipline in following my workout plan and eating the regular small meals that I was used to as recently as last year… and you have me now.

A girl sitting here wondering how she gained some of the weight back.

I know it happens to the best of us. And writing about it here will provide me some accountability with getting back on track.

Not to mention that I’ve started working at my favorite health club. I love it there. And I’ve started working out again.

I think that’s the best part.

Because I feel like I’m WAY out of shape when I’m working… not because of things I can’t do, but rather seeing all the VERY fit people walking in and working out.

I want to be one of those people again.

So I’m back at it. Back at the eating right (as much as I can before I get groceries at least) and working out (especially with my GroupKick class, running and starting my strength training again.)

It’s been a while since I’ve felt like this.

Like I want to change. Change for the good.

Change for me.

Are you back to feeling the way you need to? Do you need to change?

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