Things I learned {before and after #bloggybootcamp}…

There are many things I learned while at Bloggy Boot Camp last weekend. I shared 10 of them already… but really there are so many more things. So here are a few more highlights to add to my journey…

Do not drink on an empty stomach.
{Ok, I knew this before… but that was a STRONG drink or two I had one night.)

On a similar note…

Eating chocolate cake at The Cheesecake Factory at midnight will not make you feel good about yourself.

And now moving into the tourism arena…

Riding over the Golden Gate Bridge was just as cool as I imagined it to be.

Driving to Muir Woods on curvy-winding roads was not so pleasant.


I saw Lombard Street from Coit Tower. And my stomach thanked me for it.

In travel news…

Delta Airlines is not at all like Northwest used to be.

I’ll say it. I miss Northwest. I loved flying Northwest. Rarely did I have any problems – very few delays, rescheduling or cancellations. So on Friday morning when I was driving to the airport on the way to San Francisco, I was surprised to learn that my flight had been delayed for an hour (um, weather is perfect here…) and then found that I was re-booked through Detroit and would be arriving slightly later than expected. Not a huge issue… outside of the fact that I was re-booked into a middle seat and the gate agent wouldn’t give me the time of day.

The only positive thing I learned out of that experience was that Delta is really on top of their social marketing. Just tweet @delta_assist and they will help you if possible. Very big positive there.

In other related airport experiences…

How *not* to make small talk in an airport.

Me sitting in San Francisco airport, 40 minutes before plane to leave. Finishing dinner. Holding jacket (to use as pillow on plane.)

Guy {wearing hoodie and jeans}: Are you cold?
Me: No, not really.
Guy: Oh, it’s freezing in here. {It really wasn’t} I just got this hoodie from Target for $9.
Me: Wow, cool. I’m ok right now, but I’ll probably be chilly on the plane.
Guy: So you’re not using your jacket right now?
Me: No.
Guy: Maybe I could use your jacket for a while then.
Me: I think I’ll hold onto it for now.
{I really hope he was joking… but either way – that’s kind of weird to say to a complete stranger.}

So there’s some things that I’ve learned. Maybe I was just meant to learn some more life lessons through all of this.

Now I’m wondering if there’s anything more I should be learning while I travel??? 🙂