Some pictures from #bloggybootcamp…

I promise that this will be the last #bloggybootcamp post… for this week. Did I mention that I’m going to Bloggy Boot Camp Philadelphia as well? A whole new round of speakers and things to be learned about social media. Not to mention a whole different crowd of friends to meet up with!

Speaking of friends… I think that’s the #1 reason to go to an event like this. You really bond and connect with people on a whole new level – and you can hear them in their writing then as well.

…with TerriAnn
~The title of this picture is “a couple of dutch girls”~
I am Dutch by ancestry alone (never lived there)… TerriAnn is married to a Dutchman, and has lived in the Netherlands. It was decided that she is more Dutch than me. 🙂

…with Holly and Chole

…with Shauna {I really wish this one was clearer!!}

…with Jessica

… with Gabrielle & Rachel

…with Sugar

…with Tiffany

The SITSgirls have 2 more events (Austin, TX & St. George, Utah) this year – and another 6 (I think) events planned for next year. Really, you won’t be sorry that you invested in this. It’s so very worth it.

If you want to see more amazing pictures of Bloggy Boot Camp San Francisco – head over to AngryJulieMonday’s Flickr page to see some very cool shots of the event.

And here are a couple of San Francisco pictures to prove that I didn’t just stay in the beautiful Westin St. Francis Hotel the entire trip.

Golden Gate Bridge
Golden Gate Bridge

Lombard St from Coit Tower
Looking over Lombard Street from Coit Tower