I’m not a mommy blogger {but I love them}…

I’ve been promising a number of people a post called “I’m not a mommy blogger…” for a while now. At first being collected in the “mommy blogger” crowd was difficult for me. After all I’m not married or a mother. But the thing is – at some point in my life, I’d really like one or both of those things. So it’s been difficult writing out how it feels to be a non-mommy-blogger in a mommy-blogger filled world.

And then Mama Kat gave me the opportunity this week in her writing prompts…

2.) A list of things you no longer have in common with your married/child bearing friends…and why you love them anyways.*used for inspiration only

Being labeled a “Mommy Blogger” bugged me for a while. Especially on twitter. When my fellow tweeps would put me into this category, it took every part of my being not to send them a message to correct them.

Because it wasn’t who I was. Or at least not the label that I fell into.

I don’t have the fresh material {sometimes literally in those diapers} that comes with being a mommy blogger when her kids say or do the darndest things.

But I love reading about it.

I don’t have the partner that I have to check in with about whether I can do a girls night – or a girls weekend away {or even going to a “blogging event”.}

But I wish I could hang out with them for each and every one of these activities.

I don’t have a family to cook amazing new recipes for. And then find out that the kids turn up their noses at it because all they want is Mac N Cheese.

So I’m glad I only have to make food for one. 🙂

I don’t have a spouse that’s kicking me in my sleep or little ones jumping into my bed at the wee hours of the morning.

And I feel happy because {as you may know} I love my sleep.

I’ve been part of the West Michigan Blogs group for a while now. And I’ve gone to Bloggy Boot Camp in San Francisco {and will be in Philadelpia this weekend for another.} I would love to go to BlogHer and to Blissdom, because I love meeting my fellow bloggers.

Each one of these “Mommy Bloggers” is my friend and has welcomed me with open arms at every turn. They stand by me when I’m having a hard day – whether on my blog, or on twitter. They make me laugh about the silliest things {like how it is possible that I talked to BOTH of my brothers in a single evening… only days after seeing them} and give me hope that something new is possible at the next turn in my life.

And while I may not have the husband and/or kids to sport this fine label – I would be proud to be a “Mommy Blogger”.

Because being in this category means that you stand with your friends – through good times and bad. You surround them with love and hugs at every turn. You support them with comments on their blog. You visit to get a daily dose of their life. You chat with them on Twitter every chance that you get.

And when one of your own is betrayed… watch out.

Sugar Jones said it best last night after we learned that a fellow mommy blogger had been plagiarized.

Because we *ALL* have this bond together.

A blogging bond. And we stick together.


This was written as part of Mama Kat’s Writers Workshop…

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