Why I blog…

I started out this blog to document the struggles, triumphs and things I was learning in my weight loss journey… and about myself during that time as well.

But somewhere along the line it changed. I learned about myself and what I could do.

And then it became all about me.

A place where I could share the writings I was doing, feelings I was experiencing – happiness, sadness, fears and excitement – all in the safe confines of only having a few family members and friends reading it.

Then I joined SITS and went to BloggyBootCamps – where I learned that I could dream about doing something much greater than what I am doing right now.

So all the way home last weekend from Philadelphia, I dreamed.

I dreamed of this becoming a place that I can inspire others to accomplish great things. A place that can share about the world travels that I *will* have… and a place that maybe someday I can share a little more about the family I am destined to have. A place where dreams are fulfilled.

I blog because I am a writer with lots of dreams and aspirations. I blog because my voice is original (just as is everyone else’s voice in this place we call the internet). I blog for comments {seriously honest here folks!}. I blog to keep my friends and family updated with my life. I blog in the hopes of inspiring others.

Really I guess you could say I blog because I seem to learn more about myself than I thought I ever would – and it has grown me into a much more confident woman than who I was when I launched this nearly 3 years ago.


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