#BloggyBootCamp Philly: Learning and dreaming…

Only 4 weeks ago I returned from Bloggy Boot Camp: San Francisco. Last week I returned from Bloggy Boot Camp: Philly. And they couldn’t have been more different from one another.


Starting with the fact that there were only 4 people that were the same from San Francisco (Tiffany, Kelly, Ted & myself). I loved that I knew {and recognized} each of them – and subsequently got to know them even better because of this – from the previous Bloggy Boot Camp… but I also *L_O_V_E_D* that I got to meet my “east coast” friends that I tweet with.

More on that tomorrow though. Fun times were had.

What did I learn?

Overall – with all different speakers mind you – the main theme was the same through the entire event…


Let your words speak. Make your stories shine. Feature the best of your photographs. Make your blog design reflect who you are.

And the other thing that needs to be remembered (and especially focused on for myself)… this is a hobby. This is not your life. Not your career. If you don’t post something the world will still revolve. Or at least that’s what they tell me.

Many others have written posts (<– check them out!) about the great content that was shared… but here’s a quick synopsis:

Jill from ScaryMommy shared about growing your blog readership. Cyn from NapWarden told us that blog design is key – and even now has the intro to her presentation here. So good. Cecily from Uppercase Woman shared about finding your voice and about re-branding yourself.

Laura (or Lolli) from Better in Bulk {not a blog about buying things in bulk} spoke about how to take better pictures – you don’t necessarily need a DSLR camera either. There are tricks! (Go check out her tutorials for more!) Finally, Tara from Feels Like Home spoke about SEO {Search Engine Optimization}… something I *really* need to study up on from her presentation.

Overall, I learned a ton. Some about blogging… but really more about myself – and where I want to take this blog and my writing. I dreamed the whole way home from Bloggy Boot Camp {outside of the time spent running through the Detroit airport as to not miss my flight home} and now have what I believe is a much more clear vision to what God has planned for me. It may not happen overnight, but I must keep working on it.

I need to continue to “hone” my skills through events like this {as well as additional writing conferences/groups} to bring me to a place that I not only be an inspiration through my weight loss story, but also be a role model that a woman in her 30’s can fulfill her dreams – BIG and small – and enjoy the adventures it brings each and every day.


Thanks to Collective Bias, OpenSky, VirtuaWoman, Mastermind Game, FRS Healthy Energy, and Diaperbuds for sponsoring BloggyBootCamps all over the country and empowering women to learn, grow and dream.