I’m a bitch…

So I joined eHarmony a while ago. The deal was good… and I figured that it couldn’t hurt to try to meet more people than what I have been in the past few months. Don’t get me wrong… I’m not desperate, but I would like to meet some good quality people a little more often. Preferably ones that I didn’t go to high school with and only remember the “old me”.

For those that don’t know, the eHarmony process is 4 steps. First closed ended questions, followed by things you classify as “must haves” and “can’t stands”, then open ended questions and finally open communication.

The guy I was communicating with was from about 6 hours away… a little further than I would like if I were to get into a long-distance relationship, but still somewhat do-able. Especially because Chicago was between us – and that’s just {plain & simple} a great town. 🙂

He initiated the process and upon my answering/sending questions he would respond in {literally} 1 minute or less. Every.Time. It almost seemed like he was on the site all the time – which he may have been if he has the iPhone app.

I know I’m quite a catch but still… maybe a little quick and a little too eager.

After completing the 4 step process in about 1.5 days, his first message to me only includes his cell phone number. I try {unsuccessfully} to call by blocking my number (and for what it’s worth, breaking my “golden rule” on dating by having the guy call me if we’ve not actually gone on a date yet) – and then left a message back to him on the site saying that I must have missed him.

He responds that he needs my number – he won’t answer calls without it. So I oblige. I gave up my cell phone number.

He texted me on Tuesday morning asking for my picture – which I sent to him… and received the response “cute 😉
 Nice. And then later that night he called – and left a nice/sweet voicemail on my phone…

…and then he became “Texting Dude”.

On Wednesday he texts me and asks for all kinds of personal information. Some of which I gave to him, some of which I excluded… and when I asked for the same back – he gave me a one single synopsis text back. Great. Not feeling so good about this.

Then I’m out for dinner that night… and while at dinner I get another text from him saying “Can I have a picture of your face?”

Me: “Um, I think I sent a pic to you already…”

TD: “No, I never received it. Can you send it again?”

Me: “I’m pretty sure you received it. You said I was cute.”

TD: “I deleted it. Send it again plz”

5 minutes later… TD: “Can I get your last name? You didn’t send that”

45 minutes more pass… TD: “What was your last relationship” <– Already sent him that info

Another hour goes by… TD: “How is your night goin”

I don’t answer his texts that night. Nor does he try to reach out further beyond them to communicate with me. I also log into the eHarmony site to send him a message and find that he’s closed the match.

Thursday afternoon arrives and I am feeling relieved that I probably won’t be hearing from him.

Then I get a text from him “hey beautiful”. {My thought at this point… uh oh.}

I don’t respond. Instead I turn to twitter… and find that a number of people believe the same thing that I do.

He’s totally a player. And he’s playing me.

Later that night {when I’m at the bowling alley hanging with my brothers/friends} I finally send him a text back… “I’m sorry, but I don’t think we should keep communicating. Good luck with your search.”

And receive this EXACT text back… (his spelling, not mine… I promise)

TD: “your a bitch”

Well thank you.

*My sister-in-law (a teacher) stated that maybe I should send him a text back saying that it wasn’t grammatically correct. I chose not to.

And thus ends another “match” on eHarmony.