What makes for an interesting birthday…

First, thanks to all for the birthday wishes here and on twitter… it really made my day. And I mean *REALLY*. After you read the course of events that transpired on that day, you will totally understand why. 🙂

The day started out uneventful – or as expected… at least for anyone willing to get up at the crack o’dawn for a 5:30am workout. (As a side note for those that use Foursquare for check-ins, this time of day is still considered “night”.) Had a good workout followed by a birthday treat from a friends (appropriately enough after a workout, some fat-free muffins.) 🙂

As a “reward” for doing the early AM workout, I had booked a manicure for that morning as well – which still looks beautiful today I might add – during which my friend (and manicurist) reminded me that I had to renew my driver’s license. Oops. I had forgotten about that and put it off.

And my thought when I got home was that I would quick do it when I went out for lunch. So I took a nap. {It was a good nap too.} 🙂

Fast forward a few hours later and I’m standing in the Secretary of State office… when the lady behind the desk starts making a phone call. At this point I have no idea what’s happening and assume that it’s routine. Until she asks for a coworker to bring her a book of definitions.

This is when I learn that my beautiful Stella {that I purchased barely 6 months prior} has been flagged in the state of Maryland by the Washington DC police as stolen. *GASP* What!?! I’m driving a stolen vehicle?!?! Huh?!?!

And then the first thing I did {because I didn’t want to start crying in front of this poor woman} was to go to twitter for comfort and support.


I was given a phone number and sent on my way with my renewed license. At least I knew I was legal to drive… even if the car was a “stolen” vehicle.

My first phone call as I walked out of the office was to my dad. Then to the dealer (in which I probably was far too angry to even being able to make that phone call because I immediately sent my sales person on the defensive) and finally stopped at the insurance agency. My dad also called a local retired police officer that we know to get his take on the situation.

The summary from all of these phone calls was that I should be ok to drive the car… in the state of Michigan… as long as I carry the papers proving that I purchased the vehicle. The best guess is that the former owner possibly had the vehicle removed from his possession and then called it in stolen to be a pain the in keister for the next owner {me}… in which I really want to thank him/her for that.

At the moment we are still in limbo as to what to do next… and the DC police don’t really have any sort of urgency in helping us or calling us back… but hopefully I’ll be able to drive my car out of the state someday. And hopefully this whole mess won’t end with me losing my car as a whole. Or me in jail. Because either of those would just suck.

On the plus side, I still was able (thanks to my brother and his stellarly cool vehicle) to go on a short trip to visit Napwarden. I had a blast with her and the family… in which there were two *major* highlights that really amused me.

1) Miss Peach pronounced that when I get married, she will be the flower girl in my wedding. 🙂

2) I was able to be part of the most recent Smokey Chuck Project. Here’s Napwarden working on the shot…


So… that’s how my 33rd year started out… anyone else have any “exciting” events like this happen on your birthday??