The Weight Related Television Debate…

Rarely does a television show get me angry. Usually I stop watching well before that point happens. I choose not to like the show and let it die it’s {usually} very timely death.

But then came the show “Mike & Molly” which stars one of my favorite actresses – Melissa McCarthy. I fell in love with her as I watched (and to be honest, still watch on DVD) “Gilmore Girls”… I was thrilled to see her recently in “Life as we know it.” However, the depiction of her (as well as Billy Gardell’s) character by the writers of “Mike & Molly” really makes me angry. (And yes, for some reason I keep watching the show via my Tivo.)

The show is poorly written and makes horrible jokes about fat people. Actually it makes jokes about every stereotype that the writers can dream up for any and all of the characters. It is not real.

I believe the writers in this show (as probably most writers in Hollywood do) think this is how the world really acts and talks to fat people. That this is something that is normal and how fat people should be treated. With the jokes and comments that surround these characters each week on the show… in the weight loss world, they are facing a seriously uphill battle.

And Marie Claire freelance writer, Maura Kelly, earlier this week added fuel to the fire about this show by raising the issue of not wanting to see overweight people kissing… or even walking across the room.

A lot of this really has me saddened about how the media really views people that have greater girth. As someone that has achieved a substantial weight loss… I knew that when I was 300+ pounds, I didn’t look my best – in fact I wanted to hide from people. There is no way that I would have been able to achieve ANY weight loss with those people surrounding me if I had been subject to any amount of teasing or joking.

But because of a great support system around me, I was able to achieve the weight loss. Many of these friends and family that still stand by me today and continually tell me that they are proud of me… and to keep inspiring others by sharing my story.

Tearing people down is not the answer in any situation… but especially not when someone is trying to achieve a goal – whether weight loss related or otherwise.

As a side note: Maura Kelly – in her “update” to her article after it was published – said that she didn’t intend to hurt anyone by her words… and that her feelings likely were a result of the weight issues (anorexia) she has battled in her past.

What we need to remember in all of this is that no one is perfect. No matter our size.