I couldn’t choose just one…

As you know I went to #bloggybootcamp two times this year. I loved them both. But the reason I chose to go to these particular Bloggy Boot Camp’s was because of the bloggers that would be there — not necessarily the locations. (It really didn’t hurt that the dates were the best that worked for me too… but that’s just a bonus.)

There were a couple of people that I was seriously excited… and intimidated… to meet. The first was Jessica from BernThis. She is hilarious – and real – which I absolutely love. And after spending a bit of time with her while in San Francisco… I can say that she is a true friend — and a friend that I am so grateful to have. πŸ™‚


Then comes Rachel from Mommy Needs a Vacation. After committing to go to San Fran BloggyBootCamp, she and I became fast friends on twitter… love her and miss her! I want to go out and visit her today kind of miss her. If only I had that kind of money. Really. (She’s in the middle… along with Gabrielle on the left.)

Then on the weekend after my brother’s wedding… on a whim (that wasn’t really thought out… except for the fact that I wanted to meet these two bloggers.) I was on Twitter that weekend when I saw Fadra (All Things Fadra) and Megan (Best of Fates) talking about going to Bloggy Boot Camp Philadelphia. So I joined in the conversation – and committed then and there that I was going.

Since pretty much day one of my being on twitter… I’ve been talking to Fadra. It was so much fun meeting her… but we really didn’t get a lot of time one-on-one to chat. Well, except for the dinner with Shazam. Memories. πŸ™‚

Fadra & Julie

Unfortunately I can’t find a picture of me an Megan together… but I know there is one out there. I think it’s just on her camera. She and I were roommates for the weekend and I had so much fun getting to know her… listening to her stories… and talking about how someone I know had taken themselves out on a solo date – and broadcast the whole thing on twitter.

There’s still one other blogger out there that I *need* to meet. I’ve taken a picture with her already, but have not actually spoken to her in person. It’s Jen from Buried with Kids. She’s one of my “bloggy idols”. It will be a good day when I meet her. I’m just sayin.

Julie & Flat Jen

Have you met any of your online friends?


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