Favorite Christmas Songs…

So I’ve been working on trying to figure out what to write here for the week of Christmas… and then the girls at SITS gave me a couple of EXCELLENT writing prompts. Check them out if you are stuck. Really.

I have a number of favorite Christmas songs because I absolutely love this time of year.  Christmas, not winter. {Had to clarify} However, just have to say that I’m not one of the people that’s listening to those holiday stations that start playing the carols around November 1. That’s a bit excessive I’d say. But just my opinion.

Anyway… so I have 3 songs that I absolutely love.And would listen to repetitively if I could. And yes, I do that.

I’ll start with “Baby It’s Cold Outside”… but it’s the version from “Elf” that really get’s me. I love the innocence that Buddy has when he’s listening and singing along, not knowing where he’s really at – or that he shouldn’t even be there.

Then as I’m writing this (and listening to holiday music)… I hear the Alvin & the Chipmunks song “Christmas Don’t Be Late” and it totally takes me back to watching Christmas specials with my brothers. Speaking of which… how much fun would it be just to have a movie marathon like that on Christmas eve. Maybe I’ll try to start that tradition. Or at least see how quickly the idea get squashed by said brothers.

But my favorite Christmas song of ALL TIME is “O Holy Night”… and I just about melted when Josh Groban sang this on the Rockefeller tree lighting ceremony a couple of years ago. {Hmmm… speaking of which, maybe I should really get his Christmas album before next year.}

So those are my favorite Christmas songs… what are yours?