A Merry Christmas Greeting…

This morning as I was lounging around I saw that Liz from @bellebeandog posted a JibJab video of her family as part of an “Elf Off”. And if you know me and how I like to participate, you know that I will spend countless hours making something perfect.

Well… in this case I probably can’t be perfect… but I had SO much fun putting this together.

Rather than showing my family (as I have done in years past), I’m showing some of the new friends that I have made this year through the experiences and where my travels have taken me this past year. It really has been such a blessing.

So without further adieu… I give you Jessica, Rachel, Fadra and Cynthia! It was such a blessing you all {and so many others} this year!

Merry Christmas!

Elf Off 2010