Eat Pray Love thoughts…

I was blessed once again this Christmas. My family really is amazing (and I don’t write that just because they’ll read this.) 🙂 I think everything that I could have put on my list was purchased for me. Books, movies, television DVD’s, gift cards… and so many memories that I have to cherish.

One of the best gifts that I received was the movie “Eat Pray Love”… but no one really knew how much it really means to me. When I saw this movie over the summer (by myself in the theater… thank you very much), I was moved beyond comprehension. I immediately grabbed the book – that I had purchased at least a year prior to this – off my shelf and began to reading it. I still have not finished it… only because I continue to stop to think about what the author says.

When I saw the movie, I was moved… and really started to believe that if the author could leave everything she knew and move around the world over the course of a year to find herself, I could surely find myself somehow. Even if I can’t live my little town here.

Or maybe I’m like the author in some ways that I need to leave the comfort zone around me to find what I’m looking for. I know I’ve said that before… but maybe God is moving me to give up everything I know – whether I’m ready to do it or not. To leave without making all the “preparations” I would think to be necessary.

Overall… I just want to look at MY life next year and see that SOMETHING is different. That I’m not in the same stagnant pattern. That I’m not in the same place that I feel like I’ve been over the past number of years. That somehow I feel like I’ve grown and something has become new for me.

This past weekend, I {once again} watched “Eat Pray Love”… this time with a newbie to the film, Michelle from @SomeGirlsTweets. It was a lot of fun – being able to share insights from the book at the same time as watching the movie. It’s amazing the details that don’t seem to make sense are all of a sudden clear after reading certain parts. I think that’s how it is with most books. 🙂

I’m hoping that over the next few weeks… or maybe months… that I can share more of what moved me within this book (and movie). There are quotes that make me laugh… and images that make me want to cry. But most of all, this book has given me hope to keep going and changing things in myself… and that there has to be something better coming.

So… have you seen the movie or read the book? Like it, love it or hate it? Thoughts?